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Items for sale - feel free to make a trade offer too.                            March 9, 2005

Sams Photofacts - I have maybe a third of the folders from 1946 to 1961 or so.  A bunch are scanned, more as people need them.  $2.00 for a scan or mailed copy - or trade for a Stromberg Carlson or Philco one I don't have.  I have a Sams index, so ask by Sams number or the manufacturer's model number

Manual for Knight 600 Tube Tester (mine came with TWO, so if yours is missing, now you know where it went...)
$5.00   Sorry, it's gone.  Download a different one from BAMA, and maybe I'll get around to scanning and posting the one I have left.

Manual for EMC 213/215 Tube Tester - this one also came with TWO manuals.  $5.00... Gone but it's on BAMA too.

Not yet, maybe not ever (Poptronics folded before publishing my article) - the circuit board for my 6BQ5 amp - plated holes, solder mask, component screen: $15.00

Tubes - a few, at least

Items I'm looking for

Radios - I have three Zenith AM/FMs - so maybe a few more?

Tubes (spares for some of my radios): 6AQ8, 6HR6, 6DT8

Stromberg Carlson information or anything else that you think belongs on this site.
Home  Audiophool Radiophool Technophool Made in Rochester Shameless Commerce