This backwater branch of the planetary library is dedicated to my hobby of obsolete electronics - vacuum tubes in particular.  Obsolete doesn't mean it doesn't work... ask any guitar player, transmitter operator, or audio nut. The first two pages below are projects and items from my collection, and the next is mostly vintage electronics data and links to more of the same.  The last has photos and info on some products made here in Rochester NY.

The Audiophool Page

The Radiophool Page

The Technophool Page

Finding Manuals and Schematics

Made in Rochester

For many of the larger files on this site it's best to save them before viewing.  Right click on the link and choose "Save Link as..." or "Save Target as..." and pick a location on your hard disk to save it.

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IrfanView is GREAT for viewing, resizing, rotating, printing graphics files
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Finding Manuals and Schematics