To open or print DjVu files you need one of these:

DjVu browser plug-in from AT&T Lizardtech Celartem  Caminova Cuminas
DjVu Solo program
Irfanview 3.81 or later (you need the DjVu plug-in - just get them all)
WinDJView or MacDJView from SouceForge
Another one: Sumatra PDF lets you get rid of Adobe's bloated Acrobat Reader too...

For Android, there are a coouple of options - I use Ebook Droid

Some of these don't have an option to scroll continuously through pages - advance through pages with the > arrow (Down arrow in Irfanview). 

When printing from DjVu (or Acrobat for that matter...) use the program's printer icon, NOT the IE / browser PRINT command!